Phoenix Supported Employment Service - what we do

Work gives people with disabilities status, respect and dignity in society. Employment enables disabled people to be regarded by society and by themselves as valued members of the community who are making an equal and effective economic and social contribution. We aim to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to acquire and maintain real jobs within an open employment market.

The role of Phoenix SES is not simply to provide advice or guidance to disabled people or to provide a road map for realising their aspirations which they must traverse on their own. Instead we supervise the entire process and give practical support by getting out there with the client from start to finish and this requires intensive person centred support every day over a number of months with each and every individual. The workpaths procedure has been designed to take in all the needs of the client, employer and college and we continually monitor and review the process to make sure that we are providing the most effective and comprehensive service that we can.

Our primary objectives are to enable people with disabilities:

The other benefits of our work include:

people in work placement

The essential role of employers

Our experience shows that employers recognize the need to reflect the diverse nature of society in their work force and that they welcome the support and training that we and others provide in order to help them achieve this within the framework of their business model.

Phoenix SES is totally committed to enabling disabled people take their rightful place in society as effective economic contributors whose equality is respected and maintained through access to the labour market.

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